Saturday, July 5

Fourth of July 2014

a fairly unusual question is to ask someone what their favorite season is, and an even less common question is to ask someone what their favorite holiday is, mostly because, everyone knows 90% of the time it's either going to be Christmas or their birthday. so why ask? one time in my college apartment complex i met this girl, (her name is Audrey if you really must know.) her favorite holiday was the fourth of july. i was baffled, i thought it was as weird as saying your favorite holiday was harbor day or national brush your hair day. anyway, i was lucky enough to celebrate the fourth of july with her that year, and let me tell you, it truly was her favorite holiday, everything decorated in her apartment, she was dressed to the nines in red white and blue, and while she was always a happy person, on that day she just glowed. i still don't know what it was about the holiday that made her love it so much, but every fourth of july since i have thought about her and her positive attitude and genuine love of that day.

i guess that's because the fourth of july was definitely not my favorite holiday.

my older brother was born on the fourth of july. so... the day was always spent partying and celebrating, and that's great! but... we always did these things for him, and the things that he wanted. the fourth was a day spent celebrating with family, but when i was little i wanted to celebrate the fourth without my brothers input, i wanted to go with my friends, or go to the lake, or sleep in.

now that i am older and wiser, and maybe it's all because of meeting Audrey, but my opinions of the holiday have drastically changed. the fourth of july is now not only a birthday for my brother, but also a birthday for our country! what a wonderful thing to celebrate! everyone gets all patriotic and shows the world how much we love being Americans, and how grateful we are for those who have been wounded or died defending, and protecting it and it's values.

This year, we spent it doing what we have done almost every year. but for some weird reason, it didn't feel monotonous, it was as if i was doing these activities for the first time. viewing the fireworks with childlike wonder, and being amazed at the hot air balloons being blown up and taking off. eating hot dogs and hamburgers that were so delicious and juicy that you didn't care about the shirt you were staining with spilled grease from your lips. and finding so much joy from the "pop" explosion that came from throwing down a tiny paper sack filled with the smallest amount of gun powder to scare the person sitting next to you. watching little kids eat watermelon and the permanent red smile that comes from drinking a glass of cherry kool-aide. it's all just so quintessentially summer.

i really don't know what changed, maybe i am starting to see the world again through  Bayli's eyes now that she is old enough to learn about it and to ask questions. but this years fourth of july was wonderful, and if i could, i would love to re-live this happiest of birthdays over and over and over again.


i only took pictures of our trip down to provo to see the hot air balloons take off at the crack of dawn, the rest of the day i relaxed and wore overalls and didn't worry about social media and just soaked all of the sunshine in. but, here are some pictures of our morning, and honestly, it's the coolest thing! these pictures are pretty awesome, and they don't do it justice. i highly recommend going next year if you can.

 ^^ it starts off at 6:00 with the alexander balloon taking off, carrying the flag, we all listen to the star spangled banner, and then as it comes back down to give back the flag, all of the other balloons start filling up with air. after the alexander balloon drops the flag off, it takes off once again and starts the race.

 ^^in this photo you can tell that even before the alexander balloon touches ground a lot of the balloons are already up, or on their way. also, my sister and her husband are the best babysitters while i am neglecting my child because of these pictures. :)
 ^^ a view from inside, you can't see it from my angle, but they use a huge fan to fill it up.

 ^^those tired sleepy eyes and the tiniest "Y" on the mountain,

^^ you can see in this picture the alexander balloon in the lead, starting the race. also, smokey the bear is basically everyone's favorite.
^^ this was her face 90% of the morning. the other 10% was her completely-distracted-cause-i-can't-focus-on-one-thing face.

^^and finally, the last one takes off just as the sun peaks over our beautiful mountains.

Thursday, June 19

Throwback Thursday pt. 2

a few years ago i was asked to collaborate with my favorite photographer, Clark Goldsberry (the guy who did our wedding/engagement photos) to do the hair and makeup for a photo shoot. the best part: some of my clients from the salon were used as the models.

the idea was to embrace some of the old, timeless beauty from the past, and yet still have it all seem light and airy as if a woman from each of the different eras had just come home from whatever she was doing, and at the end of the day, she had finally finished putting on that proper smile of hers, and her true self came through.

i did three totally different vintage hairstyles for this shoot: brushed out fingerwaves, messy curls from an undid updo, and finally a partially windswept  edwardian "psyche knot". the makeup was based around each of the different era's as well.

it was truly so fun to be a part of the entire experience. i cannot wait to do something similar like this again.

Friday, June 13

The Outer Doors

My little outdoorsy kid is about as opposite of me as they come. she is perfectly content with being outside all day long, getting messy, searching for bugs, and playing sports (or at least trying to... you should see all of her 23 pounds hike a full size football between her legs. it's adorable) i normally would not be interested in these kinds of things, i am more of a "id rather look at pictures of outside than actually go there" kind of girl. i would avoid and complain about doing outdoorsy things because of my easily sun-burnt skin, and the vendetta bugs have against me, but because of Bayli's enthusiasm, and sometimes persistence about playing outside (she will often squeeze her body through the doggie door in order to get to her toys in the backyard) i have recently found myself scouring our garden for bugs so that we can watch them in action, playing football, baseball, and soccer with her in our backyard, and making mud pies. and you know what, besides the grass allergies that sent me to the hospital a few days ago, i am actually really enjoying it. HUGE SURPRISE. i was actually the one that wanted to go hike up a small, steep, seemingly untouched canyon by our house. little did we know it actually had a tiny path that we initially thought was just a deer/animal path, and a name: "little rock canyon" anyone heard of it or hiked it before?? (it's probably because of that outdoorsy vacation i went on a few weeks ago that opened my eyes up to how fun it really can be.)

anyway, here's to turning over a new leaf, and not being skeptical about things that are new and different. i guess this can kinda count as my "favorite find friday" : a new-found sense of adventure

and now for some pictures to prove i've actually been outside recently, cause my whiter-than-white-haven't-you-heard-of-self-tanner skin is really trying to prove you otherwise.

 ^^^ our new little hydrangea bush that i love more than life.

 ^^^to me, this picture is the epitome of summer
 ^^pointing out all her bugs. ever since we started watching Rachel and the Treeschoolers she is obsessed with bugs and will yell at me until i come and watch them with her. Rachel, from the show, is trying to get funded on kickstarter and there are only 32 hours left! she needs $50,000 more in order to reach her goal of $200,000 go donate here
 ^^^meet isabelle isaleaf
 ^^playing with the sun

^^ we made that flower crown from weeds in our neighbors gutter, also, don't judge our terrible outfits in these photos, she is going through a pick-out-my-own-clothes phase that i am just trying to endure through. :)

Tuesday, June 3

Customized Shopping with eShakti

Hat: tai pan trading / Dress: c/o eShakti / Earrings: etsy / Shoes: forever21 / Lipstick: nyx "630 pumpkin pie"

do you feel like your body fits the perfect mold that stores create clothing by? do you have a tiny waist,  long legs, skinny defined arms, big boobs, curves in just the right places and flat everywhere else? if you answered yes then please do not read this post. cause that's not me. not in a million years. and while i will admit that i have moments where it is hard for me to accept the fact that i do not have a perfect body, for the most part i am comfortable in my skin. but, that said... the moments when i feel the worst about myself are usually in the dressing room when i try on an item of clothing that i hope and pray will fit right, yet somehow one of my "curves in the wrong places" shows up and says hello.

when eShakti contacted me, and told me about their business, i was instantly hooked! the concept is that each dress is customized to the individual shopper, first you shop from their hundreds and hundreds of dresses/skirts/shirts and then once you've picked the one you like, you enter your measurements, you can either stay basic like standard dress sizes (0-32) or do the ultra specific option where you measure every part of your body like arms, waist, bust, etc and they customize it perfectly for you. for free!!! that way, if your like me and have a HUGE ribcage, but tini hips, i can make it fit perfect! and it gets better!!! after you enter your measurements you chose if you want sleeves, and their length. you choose if you want pockets. (POCKETS!!!) and the hemline length. this is truly a modest woman's dream come true!!!

this is what my dress looked like originally. i made adjustments with the sleeve and hem length because i wanted to be able to bend over to pick bayli up from off the floor and not worry about flashing everyone, also, i wanted elbow length sleeves to hide the chub on my arms and bring attention to the waistband. of course, if there is ever an option of pockets, i will always choose them! with certain dresses on the site you won't be able to put on long sleeves, or turn it into a maxi dress due to the structure of the design, but for most dresses those are options! i was very surprised by how well made these dresses are, from a seamstress' point of view i was honestly shocked to receive such a well made item with so many customized adjustments, and yet still so affordable.

 i do not own anything in this color, and while i love this color in summer as a bright pop of color, i also cannot wait for it to be fall so that i can pair this dress with some boots and make the bright orange seem like more of a pumpkin shade by throwing a brown cardigan on top. the worst thing about this dress is how pale i look in comparison to the warmth of the orange. i really needed to put on some fake tan before the photo shoot. oh well, like i said. today im being comfortable in my own skin, i'd have to be in order to post these pictures of myself on the internet.

lastly, can i just say that these dresses would be PERFECT for bridesmaids. the customize-able options would make fitting all of your friends body types a breeze. for those women in your bridal party who are confident in showing their shoulders or thighs, do it! and for those who want a little more coverage, it's just as easy to do that as well, and with no extra cost! that way, you still get the uniform look in your pictures, but have the individual needs met of each woman in your bridal party. and with sewing and delivery time of only 3 weeks you should have more than enough time! especially knowing that you won't need to alter anything after it's delivered.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this company and their vision for how shopping should be. i wish more companies would follow suit.