Friday, January 23

Girl Without a Name

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on my side of the family, the girls names all end in "i"

it's a fun tradition that i am excited to carry on to my girls, and something that they can choose to participate in themselves when the time comes for them to have daughters, but i hope they do!

coming up with Bayli's name was really easy. it's a name i have loved for years, and when i told it to garrison, he was instantly on board. this time around things have not been so easy... we have considered almost every potential "ending in i name" under the sun. all around our house you will find scraps of paper with names written down, trying to figure out how to spell it with an "i" or just unique names that i wanted to remember.

i feel like naming a child is such a big deal. it determines so many things, and is so permanent. Garrison and i both have unique names, and we love them! plus, we have the last name of "Jones" which is obviously really unique. but seriously, because of our plain last name, we feel like we can be a little unique with the first, and middle names. i am the more eclectic of the two of us, and tend to gravitate toward some pretty weird names, for example, the grey part of bayli grey is more of a reflection of my personality than garrison's.

another thing that complicates things is that i am really picky... not only do i want it to be a name that ends in an i, but also a name that doesn't sound like a nickname(like cami, or bri, or gigi) and i like them to have two-three syllables, i don't want it start with a "B" because we already have a Bayli, and i'm okay with some unique spellings, but when it get's too weird... they just look embarrassing for the child and scream you are mormon in my opinion. as far as Garrison's requests go... he just wants the name to be semi normal, and for us to name her what we will be calling her. for example, he doesn't want us to name her "charlotte" knowing that we will only ever call her "lottie". so... obviously you can see the predicament we are in.

just for fun, and because i'm sure our little daughter would love looking back on this in the future... let's share some of the names we've considered recently.

First names:

Middle names:

Bayli... she just wants to name her "pinkie pie" i guess technically we could have that end in an i...

if any of you have suggestions or know of some cute names that end in an i that maybe we haven't seen before. i'd love to hear it in the comments below!

Thursday, January 15


when i was this far along with bayli, garrison and i were living with my parents, in between apartments. our lease was up with our first apartment, and the next apartment wasn't ready for us quite yet. i started getting so anxious because i knew we would need to do quite a few home improvements on our next apartment before it would be ready for baby, and i just had a feeling that she would make her arrival early. when we finally got the apartment, we rushed to get the home improvements done, and then finally the day came when we were no longer using the nursery as a storage room and so i could finally sort through all of the hand-me-downs, gifts, and purchases i had made for our new baby. that nursery got set up speedy quick and it instantly became my favorite room in the house.

well, we are not moving or in-between houses this time around. and once we found out that we were having a girl, and realized that i already had all my girl supplies from when bayli was a baby... my desire to sort through them all, and clean them, and picture a new little life form growing and developing in them became something i couldn't stop. needless to say my "nesting" urge came on quickly.

over the Christmas break Garrison took some time off work and he helped me get all of the baby supplies down from the attic, set up the crib, organize the closet, and even built some extra shelves inside the closet for extra organization... he sure knows the way to my heart.

we still have just a few of the big things stored in the attic like the high chair, breast pump and bottles, and some of the larger floor toys. but besides that, everything has been sorted and organized and stored away in the nursery ready for our new little arrival. sadly, my nesting is complete.

we started the process early so that we could get Bayli ready for her sister with a better concept of what life would be like. we have a little stuffed piggy whose name has now been changed to "baby sister" that will randomly need to be swaddled, and played with, and read to, and sung lullabies to, and rocked to sleep, etc. we are using this time to teach bayli that certain toys and diapers and blankets are only for her baby sister and that she can't play with them. that she can't put anything in the crib, and that she can't climb on or into the crib. during her nap time we will say "you don't have to take a nap if you don't want to, but baby sister is sleeping (as we lovingly refer back to the swaddled pig "sleeping" in the crib) so you have to be quiet. if you're too loud you will have to go into time out." little things like this have made a huge impact on both getting her excited, and more prepared to be a big sister and mommy's little helper.

with this mindset of knowing that Bayli will be involved in the daily chores of having a new baby, we decided we wanted to store the baby's clothes, diapers, toys, etc in a way so that Bayli could reach them, and easily access the items to help me out. i didn't want them to be in a dresser that was out of her reach, or that i worried she might tip over. i didn't want them tucked away in the closet because by some miracle she still hasn't figured out how to open doors yet, and i wanted them stored in containers so that she could easily see what items were inside.

so... at target they had their large metal baskets on sale for 10.00, and those small white baskets in their "one stop" for 3.00. i used an old TV stand we already owned as a make shift dresser, and stored the items away! if you really want to know the organizational breakdown of the containers, i have the clothes, socks, and hats stored in the red bin, the blankets/swaddles in the silver bin, and the diapers and diaper creams in the yellow bin. in the three smaller white bins i have one for books, one for toys, and one for burp cloths, bibs, and washcloths. the bigger bulkier blankets and extra crib sheets are stored in the closet, along with the bigger toys that won't fit in a basket, and the boxes of clothing in the next bigger size.

just like in our old apartment, the nursery has quickly become my favorite room of the house and i find myself sitting on the rocking chair starring at my two littles' beds and just can't help but get exited and fall more in love with both of them. i just can't wait until that swaddled piggy is actually a baby! 3.5 more months!!

Wednesday, January 14

4 years ago

our 4th anniversary was yesterday and the nostalgia that comes with events like these are just the best.

we reminisced over our delicious PF Changs, the things that initially attracted us to each other, and what dating each other would be like now, and how much our lives, and we as individuals have changed, and how we would still pick each other even with those changes. We talked about what this next year is going to be like with two kids, and how crazy it is that we know each other so well, and yet still learn new things about each other frequently.

Marriage is seriously the best.

i have started having nightly contractions again with this pregnancy, and they usually start after eating dinner, especially if i ate too much. so... with too much rice, and lettuce wraps, and Mongolian beef in my stomach, we went for a walk around the nearby stores to try and calm my contractions down, and stopped in at a photo booth kiosk.

we had a photo booth at our wedding reception that we used instead of a traditional sign in book. it was one of our favorite parts of the wedding reception, we used the booth a few times through out the night and yet we haven't been in a booth since that day. so, going in for our anniversary seemed almost poetic. i wish i could say that we started this tradition on our first year anniversary and have been doing it for all the years since, but... what better time to start new traditions than today? i really hope we can incorporate a "photo booth session" on our future anniversaries, i feel like that would be a good, funny way to track our time spent together as we, and our children, look back on them through the years.

I hope the readers of my blog know the love that i have for my husband, and the love he has for me in return. i am not necessarily a gushy romantic person, and don't convey those emotions on the blog too often, but i truly am so lucky to be married to Garrison, and he makes me such a better person. we truly work so well as a team and have what seems like a very rare understanding of one another. he is such a good father to our girls, and is striving everyday to become even better of a man, it encourages me to keep moving forward with my goals, and to become better for him in return.

These 4 years that i have known him have truly been the greatest, and i am so grateful for our eternal marriage, knowing that he is mine, and i am his, forever.

Tuesday, January 6

Baby Update (22 weeks)

more frequently than i ever imagined, garrison and i have been looking through this silly little blog of ours to reminisce about what life was like back when i was pregnant the first time and when bayli was a newborn. i had no clue at the time how much i would LOVE the fact that i documented all of those things. i really was doing it mostly for my extended family, i knew that someday i would look back on these posts, but i had no clue that "someday" would be a few short years later.

because of this new appreciation i have for documenting the little things... that is one of my goals for 2015. to blog more, even if it means short, semi-useless posts. if i were trying to gain more followers, then the blogging big wigs would tell me "not to post anything that isn't share-able and pinterest worthy", but if im doing it for me, then i say "go and do!" 

being pregnant with number two has left me nervous and anxious about so many things. one of which is how to make this new baby girl feel as special and important as we have made bayli feel. for example, i posted a picture of bayli every single day on this blog for her first month. i doubt i would have done that with this kid had i not recently looked through those pictures of bayli and remembered. our lives were, and have been, centered around bayli. how can i make our lives centered around two different individuals? i know that there's no way to have two firstborns, but raising firstborns is what i know how to do. how do you do this second born thing? 

anyway. because i haven't figured out the perfect plan, and i want our new baby to feel as special as bayli. i am going to try to blog, and take pictures of our new little one both individually and as a sister during her first few months at least. i would love to also do the "day by day" series that i did with bayli's first month, and posting frequently on instagram of both of them. 

this means a whole lot more posts, and i know i will have a whole lot less time. so that equation doesn't balance out nicely but that's the plan regardless.

for updating's sake... let's start tracking this pregnancy a little better... whadaya say?

How Far Along: 22 weeks

Food Comparison: size of a spaghetti squash (1 pound)

Total Weight Gain: 1 pound (i started out at 135, lost 10 pounds during my first trimester due to extreme morning sickness and now weigh 126)

Maternity Clothes?: nope but by the end of the night, my pants totally have to be unbuttoned cause my lower abdomen get's extra sensitive and sore. 

Stretch Marks? no new ones, just the ones bayli left behind.

Sleep? i slept like a rock for 12-14 hours nightly with my first pregnancy (literally). this time around i am getting up twice at night to pee or because of a nightmare and have a really hard time falling back asleep once i've woken. i probably get 7 hours a night. which is about 3 hours less than i'd prefer. still can't nap.

Movement? i have been able to feel her every single day since we were 18 weeks along. she's very active and loves to stretch!

Gender? Girl

Lactating? not yet. i started lactating at 14 weeks with bayli (way early) and luckily this time around i haven't started yet.

Food Cravings? salty foods, and salads. i hate the taste of sweet things. i have disliked sugar this entire pregnancy so far.

Labor Signs? actually... yes. one week ago i started contracting everyday, just in the evenings for a few hours until i fell asleep. contractions were about 10-15 minutes apart and got better once i rested. this same thing happened with bayli, but it didn't start until i was about 26 weeks pregnant, and lasted until i delivered her at 36 weeks.

New Info From Doctor? the placenta is lower than they would like and so we will be tracking it as she grows to see if it moves out of the way so that i can have a vaginal delivery. the dr says that most often it moves out of the way as she grows, but if not... then i would need to have a c-section. she is also measuring about 2 weeks smaller than most. this could be because of the low placenta, or just because i make small babies, either way they are tracking that as well via more frequent ultrasounds, if she continues to grow slowly, then they will induce me early and start feeding her on a controlled schedule with breastmilk. they are minor problems, but things to keep an eye on. nothing serious.

since i haven't done any of these baby updates before... here's my first belly bump picture that i took at 18 weeks to use as a reference.

Monday, January 5

2014 in Pictures

Every year Garrison's sister puts together a little photo book and slideshow of all of his side of the family. this means that every year i go through my pictures and pick out a handful of my favorites to send to her. i don't know why it hasn't occurred to me before to include those pictures on a post in my blog, but i finally put two and two together and here it is. (if your feeling nostalgic, here's our 2012 year in pictures)

Our Favorite Pictures from 2014

 ^^^Our 3rd Anniversary

^^^i went through a phase where i tried to take professional quality pictures of bayli each week. i really wish i would have kept that going. like most resolutions it only lasted for the month of January.
 ^^^that kissy one, and these next few are from when Garrison went on a long work trip round the world.

^^^Bayli's 2nd Birthday

^^^Easter dresses sewn from old curtains left behind at our house just like in The Sound of Music.
 ^^^ from this post
^^^Mothers Day
 ^^^from this post
 ^^^wearing a souvenir from the cruise.
 ^^^on one of our camping trips
^^^Flying in a Helicopter
^^^Sometimes you just need a funny selfie
 ^^^from this post
 ^^^at the carnival

 ^^^ from this post
 ^^^after church selfies are just the best.
 ^^^everyone needs a yearly pore strip photo.
 ^^^a quick snapshot of the fam in the park
 ^^^ i made that huge himmeli wreath in the background from those straws. the picture is both not as cheesy, and cheesier once you know why i was taking it. :)

^^^the fourth of july spent at the provo hot air balloon race, and later that night at the rodeo.
 ^^^on our huge backyard tree swing

 ^^^Hiking rock canyon
 ^^^on my 24th birthday
 ^^^goodness... that smile!
 ^^^ from this post.
 ^^^from this post

^^^Garrison's 28th Birthday camping trip.
^^^ from this post
 ^^^that sunflower grew in our front yard, we roasted our own sunflower seeds from it.
 ^^^halloween, all dressed up in my brothers clown costume that my mother made 30+ years ago.
 ^^^Because of Bayli's obsession with My Little Pony, we took her to ride a real one at Thanksgiving Point and made her wildest dreams come true.
^^^i dressed up as Effie from The Hunger Games for a church activity.
^^^from this post
 ^^^announcing we are pregnant with baby #2! (and it's a girl!)
^^^Christmas spent here in town with our families.